Portman stops in Youngstown, campaigns for votes in Senate race

Portman said getting jobs for the men and women of Ohio is his top priority

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Despite polls giving Ohio Senator Rob Portman a big lead over former governor Ted Strickland in their race for the Ohio Senate, Portman was at Youngstown State Saturday campaigning for votes.

The U.S. Senator and his staffers stopped in the tailgate lots prior to YSU’s home football game against South Dakota at 4 p.m. — in addition to discussing his office plans, of course.

Portman said getting jobs for the men and women of Ohio is his top priority. He’s a big proponent of growing the steel and coal industries in the state.

Portman also has been on the front lines in Washington fighting heroin, recently sponsoring a bill known as CARA, which shifts federal funding to creating more treatment options.

“It’s a crisis right now,” he said. “More and more people are dying of overdoses. We, unfortunately, have some real spikes in overdoses in Ohio right now because of a dangerous synthetic heroin called Fentanyl or Carfentanil.”

The website RealClearPolitics gives Portman a 13-percent advantage over Strickland. Still, he said his approach won’t change.

“We’re going to run right through the wire,” Portman said. “I think I put 300 miles on the RV within the last two days.”

Strickland and Portman meet for a series of three debates throughout the state starting next month.