Sebring community rebuilds after water crisis with historic downtown

The old pottery town in southwest Mahoning County was founded around 1900, but some things haven't changed

Downtown Sebring.

SEBRING, Ohio (WYTV) – With the water problems in Sebring all cleared up, businesses and people there are recovering after the bad publicity.

The old pottery town in southwest Mahoning County was founded around 1900. The small town life meant knowing everyone on a first-name basis and buying local products. To this day, some things haven’t changed.

“I love the people in town here and everyone knows everyone. Kind of Mayberry feel at some times, but I like it,” said Sue Sanor, owner of Leonard’s Hardware.

Her store is the oldest in Sebring. Sanor has been there 42 years and is one of the leading business ambassadors of the town.

Leonard’s opened in 1899. It has what a big box store has and so much more because the store honors its past.

“That feeling of heritage and history, and I love that part of Sebring,” Sanor said.

The town’s history is critical to what brings people to shop and live in Sebring.

“If they bring their business here, there are customers here and customers there that come from Cleveland, or Youngstown, or Pittsburgh. They like to come to a town like this,” said Tom Wallace, owner of Modern Shop.

A downtown with a local diner, five and dime store and antiques add to its small town feel.

Rebuilding after the water crisis has meant respecting Sebring’s rich history.

“The people that live here are great people, they are great workers. There are a lot of beautiful homes here, there’s some mansions here, there’s a lot to see here. Other cities have had water problems, or other problems,” Wallace said.

Sometimes community pride is all you need.