70,000 Mahoning Valley voters illegally removed from registry

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Several local political leaders gathered outside St. Brendan Church in Youngstown Friday to talk about illegal voter purging, which is when voters are removed from the registry.

A recent court decision ruled Secretary of State John Husted’s purging of 2 million voters illegal. Over 70,000 of those voters were Mahoning Valley residents, and many of them were purged for voting infrequently.

The political leaders say this decision has a major impact ahead of the election. They’re encouraging voters to check their registration status.

Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan stresses the importance of voting.

“It’s about freedom that we have as American citizens to exercise our right to vote. It’s the greatest democracy we have, it’s the greatest right that we have.”

The deadline to register to vote in Ohio is October 11.