Cortland diner: Trump sign staying put despite comments

A large Donald Trump sign hanging outside the Top Notch Diner is stirring up some controversy online

CORTLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – A large Donald Trump sign that hangs between two bucket trucks outside the Top Notch Diner in Cortland is stirring up some controversy online.

The family-owned diner is receiving a lot of attention over the banner supporting the controversial presidential candidate, as it has gotten hundreds of comments about it on Facebook. Some are negative, others positive — but either way, the diner’s owners say it’s not coming down.

“I couldn’t believe what all happened,” owner Shonna Bland said on Tuesday. “That was crazy. The attacks were crazy, but then all the people that rallied around us was even better.”

Ever since Top Notch Diner posted a picture of it on its Facebook page on Sept. 30, there has been a lot of comments — hundreds, if you include the replies.

Some are supporting their right to have an opinion, while other poster’s wrote that they lost their business.

“I think it’s terribly sad that they would say that,” said Judie Shortreed of the Warren Republican Women’s Club. “Which is why we went there.”

Shortreed and more than a dozen other members of the club stopped by for something to eat on Saturday, showing their support for the diner.

“It was just fantastic,” said Garry Frederick, the diner’s original owner. “It was overwhelming actually.”

“It’s a good diner,” Shortreed said. “It’s been there for 11 years, the food is good, the prices are right — I don’t understand why people have to bash on Facebook for something like that.”

Frederick said they’ve never done anything like this before, but he wanted to publicly show his support for Trump as a small-business man.

“We need to bring our jobs back to America,” he said. “We used to be open 24 hours a day. They closed the big plant down here. We used to have 3,000 people coming across here. They’re gone.”

Even though his daughters, who now own Top Notch, were nervous about the banner at first, they said the negativity hasn’t hurt business and that the sign is staying put.