Canfield kids learn vital safety tips during Fire Prevention Week

The Cardinal Joint Fire District visited Hilltop Elementary to teach kids about what to do in an emergency

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Elementary students in Canfield learned from firefighters on Wednesday about how to prevent fires.

The Cardinal Joint Fire District visited Hilltop Elementary to teach kids about what to do in an emergency.

While much of the training is over the steps to take when a fire breaks out, a lot of it dealt with how to prevent one in the first place.

The students are also getting acquainted with firefighters and learning about the equipment they use.

“We start young. We get them to know the fire safety messages: stop, drop and roll, get out, stay out, call 911. We ingrain that in them, how to be safe when a fire happens in their home,” said Deputy Chief Matt Rarick.

Younger kids received their own fire hats and coloring books, while older kids got to play a firefighting game show. A model fire house was also set up so kids could practice escaping in smoke.

The lessons are part of Fire Prevention Week. The fire department will be visiting all of the schools.