Brewer-Garrett energy presents plan for Youngstown heating

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The meeting of Youngstown Council’s Buildings and Grounds Committee began with a presentation from Brewer-Garrett of Middleburg Heights.

Members of Mayor John McNally’s administration were recommending the company be hired to redo the heating systems in five city buildings.

“Going into that building, system by system, and taking an effective look at how the system’s are operating today and where they should be operating,” James Wilbanks of Brewer-Garrett said of his presentation.

The buildings to be changed are City Hall, the police department, the main fire station, 20 Federal Place and the Covelli Centre. It would initially cost $1.8 million — but would save $3.2 million over 15 years.

“It makes a lot of sense for us to invest in a system like this,” said Dave Bozanich, Youngstown finance director. “That’s going to provide that type of return back to the city over that period of time.”

Sitting and listening was Carl Avers — CEO of Youngstown Thermal — which currently provides the steam to heat the city’s buildings. He questioned the savings being offered by Brewer-Garrett.

“Electricty costs $35 and steam cost $14,” Avers said. “So I don’t know how you get savings when electricity is more costly than steam.”

Wilbanks said the savings is based on what the city is currently paying Youngstown Thermal.

“This is what you paid before. If we do this we’re going to guarantee it,” he said. “This is what you’re going to pay going forward and the delta is the savings.”

Members of council, however, wanted to give Avers and Youngstown Thermal a chance.

“Have him come and give us something similar?” Basia Adamczak, Youngstown City councilwoman said. “Through the chair, Mr. Avers, would you be able to provide something like that for us? We would be delighted to provide the alternative.”

Council decided to table the issue for now. Avers will make his presentation before council on Nov 3rd.