Fire Prevention Week: Are you ready for winter?

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – It’s all too common that after the smoke clears and fire has torn through a home, it’s discovered that there were no working smoke detectors in the house. That is the number one thing firefighters want to get across to people during Fire Prevention Week.

Youngstown Fire Captain Brian Hoffman says everyone should have at least one detector on each floor, and they all should be linked together so if one alarm goes off, they all will sound.

“Check them every year. Check them every month at least to make sure they are working with working batteries,” Hoffman said. “There is actually a test button in all of them that will show you if they are actually working.”

Carbon monoxide detectors are important to have in your home, too. Because the gas is odorless, it’s hard to know when there is a leak without a detector.


With the weather turning cooler, the chance of fire increases because of potential malfunctions with furnaces, fireplaces and portable heating units.

Space heaters should never be on for long periods of time and should be on a level space, free of carpeting and away from anything flammable.

Hoffman also suggests having furnaces inspected before the winter season starts to make sure there are no problems before its put into use.

“Another thing to do when it starts snowing is to go around your house and clear away areas where there is exhaust for the furnace. If you have a blocked furnace exhaust, it could potentially force the carbon monoxide to stay in your house,” Hoffman said.