Student Athlete: Ethan Reiser

The Greenville senior is an All-Region football and basketball player, and carries a 3.92 GPA.

The Greenville senior is an All-Region football and basketball player, and carries a 3.92 GPA.

Greenville, PA (WYTV) –¬†Ethan Reiser is one of those student-athletes that never backs down from a challenge. He’s made a huge impact on the Greenville football and basketball teams. Plus, that same effort carries into the classroom, earning Ethan the honor of our Student Athlete of the Week.

“It’s not all about football all the time,” said Reiser. “It’s about working hard in everything that you do and taking pride in all your work that you do.”

Ethan is a two sport standout at Greenville. He was an All-Region Safety last season, he also plays corner and wide receiver, and even filled in at quarterback. On the basketball court, he’s an All-Region Point Guard for the Trojans.

“At point guard, you have to run the team, you have to control them, you have to keep them in check and then at the same time at free safety, you have to do the same thing with the defense. You’re really like a quarterback of the defense. Playing both, has really helped out with both sports.”

Last basketball season, Ethan helped lead the Trojans to history, capturing their first District 10 Title in 18 years!

“To bring that here and have our student body behind us, they always came out, the blue crew was always there. They’re always here for the football games, to be able to bring them, our entire town, the staff, to bring everybody a D-10 championship, it was so fulfilling.”

Ethan works just as hard in the classroom, he ranks 4th in his senior class with a 3.92 GPA.

“Schoolwork always comes first even on the team,” said Reiser. “Coach herrick always says your schoolwork comes first because as I said, not a lot of kids are going to make a career out of playing football or even playing basketball.”

After high school, Ethan hopes to make a big difference, with dreams to become an Environmental Lawyer.

“I’m excited to get out and explore but I am really going to miss Greenville, because it’s my hometown, it’s where I grew up.”