Jackson Township developing rapidly with booming business

Being right next to Interstate 76 and close to the turnpike proves that location is everything

JACKSON TWP., Ohio (WYTV) – Jackson Township is five square miles and only has 2,114 residents, but is expanding like a major city.

“We’re actually very proud of the development that’s going on right now,” said Trustee Tom Frost.

Business is booming. Three business projects are underway, proving location is everything.

“Our township has the busiest turnpike interchange in the state, so that attracts a lot of business to the area for wanting to go to the interstate system,” Frost said. “They have hundreds of trucks that go every day.”

Jackson Township has an important portion right next to I-76 and very close to the turnpike.

“We think we have a lot to offer, that we don’t have to offer tax abatement…I think it’s living proof, with three major projects going on as we speak, all taxed at 100 percent.”

Truck World is building a fueling stop, expected to open in mid December.

FedEx Freight is adding 63 stalls for more trucks, making this its second largest location in the country. FedEx Ground finished an expansion up the street last year.

Ohio Utilities is also building a new center, opening next year.

The township has eliminated the tax abatement process, which typically was 60 percent for ten years, yet it remains business-friendly. It has the location, water, utilities and other infrastructure that businesses want.

“We get calls every day from people interested in locating here and again, it’s location, location, location, the old rule in real estate,” Frost said.

Jackson Township does not have the opportunity to impose a wage tax either. Unlike cities, townships are not allowed to impose the tax.

Frost says the quality of Jackson Township’s fire and police forces also encourage people to come there.