State Rep candidate Sanderson speaks in Austintown

The Republican candidate is going up against Democratic incumbent Michele Lepore-Hagan, who spoke Sunday too

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Corinne Sanderson is the Republican candidate for State Representative of the 58th district.

In the upcoming election, she’s going up against Democratic incumbent Michele Lepore-Hagan.

On Sunday, Sanderson took time at the Austintown Library to meet with locals to discuss her economic and education plan for Ohio.

Sanderson spoke before the event, saying she has a message for parents concerned with their child’s education.

“You have to have transparency in government and in the school system,” she said. “They need to be able to be heard by the school board. And I think they should, as a collective body, go to the school board, voice their concerns and be heard.”

Following the event, Sanderson held a Q-and-A session, addressing concerns on the topics of the state report card, union contracts and more.

Lepore-Hagan spoke on Sunday as well, addressing her goals.

“I look forward to continuing my fight for public education in Ohio,” she said. “And to make sure that our charter school system is accountable and transparent. That is why I have introduced legislation to strengthen House Bill 70 to make sure that we monitor how all of our schools are operating, as well as where our tax dollars are being spent.

“I care deeply about the education of all of our kids in the Valley and will work with anyone and everyone to provide a fair and equitable education for all of our children.”