McDonald class hopes lucky penny continues win streak for Indians

As the Indians head into game three, a second grade class in McDonald hopes a penny from a student keeps their winning streak alive

MCDONALD, Ohio (WYTV) – These days, a penny really doesn’t get you that far. That is, unless you’re Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor.

The penny he received from a second grade student at Roosevelt Elementary School might just be good luck.

Lindor is bringing the heat for the American League Championship Series, which the Indians lead 2-0. He’s hitting .500 in the series and knocked in the go-ahead runs in both games 1 and 2.

His luck is turning around from an end of the regular season slump, and a McDonald second grade teacher credits a writing assignment that she assigned to her class.

Teacher Ally Thompson assigned each child in the class to write to a Cleveland Indians player in an effort to motivate the team. It was 7-year-old Mia Starnes who sent a letter addressed to Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor and a penny, telling him to put it in his pocket.

According to an article from Yahoo Sports, Lindor put it in the right pants pocket of his uniform before both games this series. Thompson says she was shocked and excited to find out he took the letter to heart.

“We’re just a little village in northeast Ohio, and… any kid could have written a letter and had him do that, but for it to be one of mine, it’s very humbling and special,” Thompson said.

Starbes is excited as well.

“When I found out that the penny was in his pocket, I went just like jumping around the house and stuff,” she said.

As the Indians head into game three, the second grade class hopes the penny keeps their winning streak alive.