Youngstown trash collection needs another truck, more bins

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Youngstown City Council’s General Improvements Committee was asked on Monday to purchase another garbage truck and a couple thousand extra trash bins for the city’s trash collection.

They were asked to spend $190,000 for the garbage truck and $115,000 for 2,000 more trash bins.

The city went to collecting its own trash on May 1.

There are just 200 bins left of the 21,000 originally bought, and the city needs another truck for backup.

“The additional truck, even though it might be a few years old, is going to provide a truck when we either have accidents or one out of service because of extended maintenance,” said Finance Director Dave Bozanich.

On Wednesday, council approved spending the money to buy the truck, but it sent the trash bin request to a second reading because some members wanted more information on how many people are being serviced.

Council also tabled a proposal Monday to charge people extra for having excessive garbage. Some council members thought the city should collect its own garbage for at least a year before adding any extra rules.