Flying a drone? There are rules you need to know

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Drone regulations have gotten even more extensive since the technology has grown in popularity.

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer cut his finger on one of his drone’s propellers and had to get ten stitches. The wound reopened during Monday night’s game in Toronto, and he had to sit out.

Bauer said the drone propellers turned on while he was plugging it in.

Drone accidents like this are not uncommon. Last June, singer Enrique Iglesias cut his hand while reaching for a drone during one of his concerts.

The Federal Aviation Administration has been constantly updating and changing the rules as the technology continues to improve.

Complete 53-page FAA drone regulations

SUMMARY FAA drone regulations

The main takeaways are that drones can’t be flown at night or above anyone who is unaware that there is a drone in the area.

Unmanned aircrafts must weigh less than 55 pounds, and the pilot must maintain a visual line of sight and be in control of the aircraft at all times.

Users should also assume that the drone propellers will turn on if the battery is on and it’s plugged in.