Nugget of Knowledge: Sanitize your kitchen sponge

A kitchen sponge is loaded with germs

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – What’s the most germ-infested thing in your house?

Something in the bathroom or the garage?

The kitchen sponge is perhaps the most germ-ridden object in your entire house. It’s moist with old food particles that are a breeding ground for germs and e. coli.

We use them to wipe up spills and food particles of every kind, and then we leave them sitting out at room temperature, nice and damp, overnight. Then we wash our dishes with them again.

Many of us clean our kitchen sponges by rinsing them with hot soapy water or running them through the dishwasher, and that’s good, but there are other ways to clean the sponge. You already have the most effective disinfectants in your kitchen.

Heat the sponge in the microwave. Just be sure to get it soaking wet, so it doesn’t burn. After a couple of minutes in the microwave, carefully remove it. It will be very hot, but clean.

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