Canfield Police say levy on ballot will maintain level of service

The Canfield Police Department says passing this levy is the key to staying afloat

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Canfield residents will be voting on a police levy placed on the November 8 ballot, an issue the department has been campaigning for over six months.

A resident who owns a $100,000 home would pay $137 per year for the levy.

Chief Chuck Colucci says the 3.9 mill levy is desperately needed to hire more officers and update police cars.

“Since 2000, the city has lost quite a bit of money from state cutbacks and currently, we are operating at about $1.1 million less than what we have typically operated with in the past.”

Budget cuts have taken a toll on the department for about five years now.

“We’re currently three officers short. We’re operating at a level that, in the past, we have not had to operate at,” Colucci said. “We’re looking at updating the vehicle fleet. Currently, we have four cars that will be over 100,000 miles.”

Canfield resident Frank Micchia says he’s happy to pay the price for a secure community.

“One of the reasons people choose to live here is because of the excellent police force and the safety associated with them.”

Security is something people are becoming more and more concerned about, Colucci says.

“We want to make sure that we are in the position to provide the maximum of security, keep our residents, keep our schools and keep our businesses safe.”

Colucci says local residents that support the levy have offered to form a citizens review committee.

“What that committee will do is just oversee the budget process and ensure that that money does come back to the police department.”

When it comes to the ballot box, Micchia says this issue doesn’t take sides.

“It’s a nonpartisan issue because everybody in the city gets the benefits of the police force here.”

For the Canfield Police Department, passing this levy is the key to staying afloat.

“We’re not looking to grow big and bold. We just want to be able to maintain the level of service that we have always provided our community,” Colucci said.

Any Canfield residents that have questions about the levy can contact Chief Colucci at 330-533-4903 or