Drivers say potholes on Mesopotamia road make traveling difficult

The east side of Donley Road, across 534, was just repaired in 2015 with a $400,000 grant

MESOPOTAMIA TWP., Ohio (WYTV) – People in northern Trumbull County have been complaining about a very bumpy road in Mesopotamia Township.

The west end of Donley Road is in really bad condition, with several potholes.

“I would tell you just to go down there and try it for yourself, especially coming down the hills,”Mike Durosko said. “It’s basically, you have one lane unless you want to bounce through craters. They’re not even potholes, they’re craters.”

Durosko delivers ice to the Amish in the area, and says he always hears about broken buggy wheels and injured horses.

“It’s just an inconvenience. It’s just a pain, a total pain.”

Some say the road’s condition is so bad, they just find another way around it.

“It’s hard to get people out here to fix the roads, to even look at them,” said Mesopotamia resident Rhonda Hostetler.

The east side of Donley, across 534, was just repaired in 2015 with a $400,000 grant.

People at the Trumbull County Engineer’s Office say they know there’s work to do on the other end.

“It is definitely on our radar. Obviously we put a lot of money into the other end, it was a lot worse. Came back through with $20,000 worth of guardrail and by no means are we forgetting about that section,” said Deputy Engineer Gary Shaffer.

The Trumbull County Engineer’s Office says it will be out sometime next week for patchwork on the west side and expects to chip seal that end of Donley this spring. Shaffer says they will stay up on maintaining the road through the winter until then.