3 inmates overdose at Columbiana County Jail

The Columbiana County Sheriff's Office is investigating how the drugs were brought into the facility

LISBON, Ohio (WYTV) – Three inmates at the Columbiana County Jail overdosed on drugs last Friday, according to the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office says Justin Temple, Jordan Gainer and Thomas Diegdio overdosed on an unknown substance. They’re still doing tests to determine the drug that the men used.

How the inmates got drugs inside is still under investigation, but police have charged Justin Temple with having drugs at the jail.

“One of the ambulance crews found some substance on the individual. It has not been tested yet. We’re still in the processing of testing that. He’s already been charged with conveyance into a facility,” said Columbiana County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Allen Haueter said.

Haueter says Gainer broke a correctional officer’s wrist after being released from the hospital and has been charged with assaulting an officer.