Deer crashes jewelry party, destroys Hermitage home

Linda Stefanish was hosting a jewelry party to raise money for Animal Pawtectors when a deer rammed its way into her home

Linda Stefanish holds a piece of a deer's antler that was found in her home after a deer rammed its way into her Hermitage home on Sunday afternoon.

Warning: The video may be considered graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

HERMITAGE, Pa. (WYTV) – A group participating in a fundraiser for an animal charity had an unlikely visitor Sunday afternoon.

Linda Stefanish was hosting a jewelry party at her Hermitage home to raise money for Animal Pawtectors, an animal rescue group in Cortland, when a four-point buck came crashing through the front door.

Hermitage Police Chief Eric Jewell said officers tried to restrain the animal. It shattered a vase in the foyer before making its way to the living room, where it knocked over several items, rammed its antlers into the drywall and smeared blood on the walls and carpet.

One officer was kicked, and the deer broke its leg on its trip through the home. Jewell said officers on the scene determined that the animal had to be put down after attempts to safely herd him outside, and they shot him after getting everyone out of the home.

Stefanish had six guests over at the time for the fundraiser. Along with those guests, her three dogs were home, but they were safe in a room down the hall.

“It’s just kind of ironic that here we are trying to save animals, and we’re having deer shot in our foyer,” she said.

While Stefanish feels bad for the animal, she said officers knew the deer would not survive and wanted to end its suffering.

Stefanish said the entire ordeal was stunning — something she said she does not want to remember.

“Everyone says it’s crazy. They never heard anything like it before,” she said.