Students help get Struthers teacher to the World Series

In less than 72 hours, money was raised to get a Struthers teacher seats at the World Series

Students raise money to send Struthers teacher Richard Gage to the World Series.

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WYTV) -The Cleveland Indians will take the field Tuesday night for Game One of the World Series. And if you were lucky enough to snag a ticket, there’s a good chance you paid a big price for it. But a Struthers High School teacher will have a seat at the Series thanks to some thoughtful students.

It’s been a long-awaited dream of teacher Richard Gage to see the Indians go to the World Series. He’s a big fan and that’s something his students took note of when they decided to organize an effort to make sure Gage has a seat at the game.

“Mr. Gage has always been an inspiration to everyone, but he is always just been a die-hard Indians fan,” said former student Josh Miley.

Miley organized a fundraising effort to make sure his favorite teacher made it to the World Series. A GoFundMe account was set up and the donations started coming in.

“There are a lot of people like me over the past 25 years who he has had such a huge impression on that putting this out there we could probably get it done pretty swiftly,” Miley said.

And get it done they did. In less than 72 hours, more than 100 people helped reach the $2,500 goal. But it wasn’t just money former students and friends left on the website, many wrote notes of appreciation for the man they said inspired them over the past two decades.

Gage said the whole experience has been humbling and in the end, it’s more than just about baseball.

“I would just say to all the people who helped make this possible thank you so much, you make me realize my life has true meaning,” Gage said.

Mr. Gage has a seat ready and waiting for him Wednesday night for Game 2 of the World Series. But he’ll be back in class Thursday morning because he doesn’t miss a day of school.