Nugget of Knowledge: Your doctor and politics

Doctors differed on drugs, abortion and funs

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – In a study from Yale University, researchers found big differences in the way Republican and Democratic physicians treat and counsel their patients.

Yale sent questionnaires to primary care physicians across the country.

The researchers found almost no difference in the way doctors from both political parties treated issues such as drinking, depression, obesity, but they did find glaring differences in the way Republican and Democrat doctors approached marijuana use, abortion and guns.

The Republican doctors were far more likely to warn marijuana users about the health and legal dangers using the drug. They were also more likely to warn patients about what an abortion can do to your mental health.

The Democrats said, ‘Don’t worry about those things; just get those guns out of the house.”

How about the Republican doctors and guns?

The Republicans were much more likely to say guns aren’t the problem, just make sure they’re locked away tight.

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