Candidate says Mahoning County Recorder isn’t qualified

Carter, who is running for the job, said Noralynn Palermo hasn't met yearly continuing education requirements

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Candidate for Mahoning County Recorder, Steven Carter, says his opponent is not qualified for the job.

Carter held a press conference at the Republican Party’s Boardman headquarters on Thursday. The Republican candidate said Mahoning County’s current recorder, Noralynn Palermo, has not met yearly continuing education requirements for the job, mandated by the Ohio Revised Code. He says Palermo has no complied with this requirement for at least the last five years.

“Things change. The laws are constantly changing. Requirements under the law are changing. The threats to the Recorder’s office are changing all the time, and so these responsibilities of the recorder is important to stay up to date on it,” Carter said.

Ohio Revised Code mandates eight hours of continuing education for all county recorders for each year in office.

Palermo said she has been regularly participating in recorders’ meetings around northeast Ohio, but she admitted that those meetings don’t meet state requirements. She said Ohio Revised Code says the notice of eight hours is for informational purposes only and does not affect any individual’s ability to hold office.

Carter said he believe the educational requirement is important, however, as well as staying up to date on subjects like identity theft and mortgage fraud, which are important to property owners.