Youngstown State redesigns website to be more user-friendly

YSU's website gets up to 15,000 clicks a day, nearly three million a year

youngstown state new website

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Youngstown State University has a new branding strategy and redesigned website.

“Y and Proud,” a phrase that’s part of the university’s new marketing approach, is something you’ll hear repeatedly from President Jim Tressel.

The website’s new look has changed to make it easier for parents and students to get the information they want and need. The focus is to funnel visitors to the sections of the website that are important to them in the least amount of clicks possible.

“If they have an interest in engineering, we want to make sure when they come to our site, that they see what they’ll study when it comes to engineering. Where they can get jobs at, what types of internships we offer,” said YSU Director of Marketing Ross Marrone. “It’s really showing the experience of Youngstown State when you come here, what separates us from Akron and Kent.”

The redesign took a year and a half to complete, and eight students helped with it. The new website also features more social media and video.

YSU’s website gets up to 15,000 clicks a day, nearly three million a year.