Highway Patrol warns: Move over and slow down, or get ticket

Police and construction workers are at risk when it comes to winter weather and vehicles not obeying traffic warnings

GIRARD, Ohio (WYTV) – Ohio State Highway Patrol has a message for drivers this winter – pull over for safety vehicles on the roadside, or get a ticket.

Highway Patrol is pushing its “Move Over” campaign, as winter weather approaches. Troopers are also warning people that speeders in the construction zone on Interstate 80 will also get tickets.

Between the construction, high speeds and winter weather on the way, the roads could be come a dangerous mix, and police and construction workers are at the greatest risk.

Ohio Department of Transportation Project Inspector Marc Centofanti said working on roadsides has always been dangerous, but even when workers are paying attention, accidents do happen.

“Been almost hit by cars. I’ve been hit by everything, from flying cones, debris off the road,” he said.

The Move-Over Law is a priority for the Highway Patrol, especially with slick roads coming.

One of the Trumbull County post’s troopers was hit during a traffic stop in September. A drunk driver hit the trooper’s cruiser square on and pushed it into him.

Highway Patrol Lt. Brian Holt said the trooper was within inches of losing his life that morning, which makes them take the law even more seriously.

“We have zero-tolerance for that law. We are not giving warnings for move-over violations,” he said.

That zero-tolerance policy will also come into play with speeders on I-80, where ODOT monitors and Girard speed cameras have clocked people going 15 and 20 miles over the speed limit.

“There’s nowhere you gotta be that’s that important that you can’t slow down a little bit,” Centofanti said.