WRTA mural shows Youngstown’s past, present

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Piece by piece.

That’s how Youngstown Cityscape is trying to make a difference — by building a mural on WTRA’s chain link fence along Mahoning Avenue.

“It’s a project to get the community involved,” Sharon Letson of Youngstown Cityscape said. “It’s an upgrade to this corridor for our business association.”

The ladies are part of a group called Random Acts of Artists.

They created the design going on the fence — they call it Project Yo — and say it embraces Youngstown’s history.

“It’s where the town’s been from and where the town’s going,” said Rose Prample of Random Acts of Artists. “And showing the variations of the past, present and future.”

All morning long, people put plastic squares into the chain link fence. In all, 25,000 pieces are going into the fence.

“The wide open spots are very easy,” said Youngstown Mayor John McNally. “But when you have to fit it in between other pieces, your hands start to feel it a little bit.”

Mayor McNally was just one of more than 150 people that showed up to help.

“People are coming together — coming out here to volunteer — and show that we want to keep on building Youngstown,” Lisa Rosenthal of Stars Supply said.

But in order to keep building, everyone needs to pitch in.

“It’s important that people understand that we all have a part,” Letson said. “That we can all play in moving our city forward.”