What effect has election ads, signs had on locals?

A combined $32 million has been spent on advertising in Ohio for the presidential election

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Since June, both presidential campaigns have spent millions on television ads in Ohio. And yard signs might be old school, but you can’t turn the corner without spotting at least one.

But has it been enough to sway voters? Or has it become just another election day annoyance?

According to the Federal Election Commission, on average, an ad for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton runs on local Ohio television every three minutes. That’s more than 54,000 ads since June.

That’s a combined $32 million spent on advertising alone in the Buckeye State.

“You just expect it,” Ceeairrah Vancobb of Youngstown said. “It’s just what you get every four years, every eight years. It is what it is.”

Local voters said, between the campaign ads and signs, it has been enough to make them tune out the background noise of an already loud election.

“I’ve known for awhile who I’m voting for,” Alex Miller of Youngstown said. “So it really is just background noise.”

“I just think it’s a little weird since they’re presidential candidates — that they can talk to each other like that and say that stuff thinking it’s OK,” Edelle Payne of Youngstown said. “It’s a little disturbing because we have to vote for one of them.”

But for some, nothing in any of the ads has changed their minds.

“Everyone has their own opinion and their right to project their opinion how they feel,” Shonda Wilke of Youngstown said.

Added Angela Vaughn of Youngstown: “I really just think that if you’re strong in what you believe, then that’s really not going to deter you from who you’re gonna choose.”