Message for Trumbull voters: Double-check polling locations

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Trumbull County Board of Elections is asking voters to double-check their polling locations before Tuesday. That’s because — brought to their attention from hundreds of phone calls — voters received letters in the mail with wrong information.

Last week, Dana Kotopka’s wife received two of these letters. Both appeared to come from the Ohio Democratic Party, but it caught his eye when the letters said their polling location was at the Mahoning Valley Hope Center.

He called to double-check with the Board of Elections, and sure enough, the card was wrong. The Kotopka’s actual polling place is at the Grace A.M.E. Methodist Church in Warren.

Misleading voting letter

“As odd as this election has been, you never know what to expect, as far as — oh shall we say — funny dealing,” Kotopka said.

Added Kotopka: “As far as some of the things involved in trickery or whatever, this is a pretty simple thing to do — send out a letter and tell somebody to go to the wrong place to vote.”

The Board of Elections is encouraging voters to double-check their polling place by either calling its office (330-369-4050) or visiting its website.

“I don’t want people going to the wrong location and being turned away,” Stephanie Penrose of the Trumbull BOE said.

Penrose let the Secretary of State’s office know.

In a statement to WKBN, it called the issue “highly concerning,” but said it can’t comment on any kind of investigation. The entire statement reads:

“We have heard that the Democratic Party sent out incorrect information to some voters, which is highly concerning. I can’t comment on any kind of investigation at this time, but we highly recommend that voters not rely on any outsider information for voting logistics. Every Ohio voter can go to to find their polling place, download a sample ballot and learn any other information they need before going to the polls tomorrow.”

WKBN also reached out to the Ohio Democratic Party, which said to contact the Clinton Campaign since it designed the mailer and would be better equipped to answer any questions. The Clinton Campaign didn’t immediately respond for the request to comment.

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