Organization asks voters to leave stickers on activist’s grave

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Upton Association is honoring the pioneers of the women’s suffrage movement and hopes voters will join in too.

Warren native Harriet Taylor Upton worked closely with her friend and mentor Susan B. Anthony to help women to gain the right to vote. Tuesday, the Upton Association is asking voters to help to recognize their efforts.

People are invited to stop by the Upton House on Mahoning Avenue after they vote for wine and tea. The Upton Association also encourages people to place their “I voted” stickers on Upton’s grave marker in the backyard, to pay homage for her instrumental part in the suffrage movement.

“We would like to see a lot of stickers on there indicating that women appreciated their contribution to the right to vote,” said Kay Fisher, member of the Upton Association’s Board of Directors.

The Upton Association decided to carry on this tradition after seeing voters in past elections have decorated Susan B. Anthony’s Rochester, New York grave with the “I voted” stickers. They’ll be placing flags by Upton’s Marker to help visitors find it easier.

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