Nugget of Knowledge: Why Tuesday for Voting?

November Selected Because of Fall Harvest


A group called ‘Why Tuesday’ wants to change the day we vote.

It suggests holding elections at a time that’s better suited for modern-day Americans.

Say, a weekend…noon Saturday to noon Sunday…or if during the week, make it a federal holiday.

The reason we vote when we do was settled a long time ago, by Congress in 1845.

Why early November?

It’s the first and really only available month: the harvest was over, and harsh winter weather had not yet arrived.

Weekends were no good…most people spent Sundays in church.

Wednesday was market day for farmers..that was out.

And voters needed a day to travel to the county seat to vote..there were no neighborhood voting booths.

Congress wanted voting day as soon as possible in the week…so you travel on Monday, vote Tuesday.

Why the first Tuesday after the first Monday?

If A Tuesday is the first, why not then?

Two reasons.

November 1st is All Saints Day, and many went to church…and most merchants did their books from the past month on the 1st….too busy.


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