Part-Time Worker’s Bill of Rights for Youngstown passes

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV – The Youngstown Part-Time Worker Bill of Rights was passed Tuesday night with a 55 percent vote.

The bill, which was proposed by Michigan businessman Bob Goodrich, constitutes Youngstown business owners within the city limits to offer additional benefits to part-time workers.

The group — called “Part-Timers Rights” — wanted to amend Youngstown’s charter to require businesses in the city to offer proportional benefits to part-time workers at businesses where full-time workers are getting similar benefits.

The goal was to end on-call shifts for part-time workers — unless an employee requests one — and to post schedules two weeks in advance of their shift. The group also requested that part-time workers receive personal days off and paid vacation.

In June, Goodrich turned over close to 4,000 signatures to the Youngstown Clerk of Council, looking to amend the city charter with what he calls a Part-Timers Bill of Rights.

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