Chaney students to sing with America’s Got Talent winner

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Students from Chaney High School’s vocal music program will be joining America’s Got Talent season six winner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. on stage.

The 33 Chaney students, vocal crew and ensemble, will perform a song with Murphy during the concert “Murphy Meets Motown” at Stambaugh Auditorium next week.

“I think it’s a privilege, not only for me but for everybody in our choir, to actually sing with Mr. Murphy,” said Solymar Ayla, a junior.

Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator Tracy Vivo says it’s all thanks to Dr. Sylvia Imler from Youngstown State’s multicultural division, who asked them if they’d like the opportunity.

The sixth through twelfth graders will perform “New York, New York” with the singer.

“The key that Mr. Murphy’s doing it in, you know, is a…lower key. So my sopranos really have to reach up there to get those high notes, so it’s a good challenge for them, though,” said musical director Sonny Cashbaugh.

Vivo says the students’ experience on stage will be just a part of the excitement.

“The soundcheck prior to, and then also all the professionals there they’re going to shadow and get to see a little bit behind the scenes for a professional tour like this.”

Murphy is coming back to Youngstown for the WYTV-sponsored concert next Thursday at 8 p.m. The proceeds will go to Youngstown State’s Diversity Leadership Minority Scholarship Fund.