Trumbull Co. Children Services asking community to help foster girl

The foster girl saved by a liver donation from a stranger has a new family, but their home doesn't meet state requirements

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Trumbull County foster girl saved by a liver donation from a stranger now has a new family.

WYTV followed Jamie’s journey as Trumbull County Children Services looked for a liver donor. David Denovchek, of Niles, stepped forward to donate, and Jamie is recovering well from her surgery. 

Little Jamie’s story is beginning its next chapter – she and her biological brother, Jeremiah, have been matched with an adoptive family.

“The beautiful part of it is they are already caring for her two siblings,” said Marilyn Pape, department manager at Trumbull County Children Services.

But just like anything in Jamie’s life, turning the page hasn’t been easy.

“The adoptive family is very much committed to these four kids,” Pape said. “Their hearts are big enough, their home is not.”

By adding Jamie and Jeremiah, the family quickly grew to eight members. The couple has two children of their own and is already taking care of Jamie’s two younger sisters.

Their three-bedroom home doesn’t meet state requirements.

“I said, ‘If you’re telling us that you can do this emotionally and that you have the love in your heart to commit forever, then we’ll make it happen,’” Pape said.

Now, Children Services is making another plea to the community – this time to help put an addition on their house so Jamie and her three biological siblings can grow up together.

Children Services set up a You Caring Fund and made it a mission to get Jamie, Jeremiah and their younger siblings into this loving forever family.

“They just deserve what every child deserves, which is to feel secure, and know that they are loved and in a home. They never have to leave,” Pape said.

She says they’d like to see them all together in time for the holidays.

“If we could get them under the same roof by Christmas, then that would be a miracle for us.”

The agency already has the plans for the addition but is looking for a general contractor willing to help them out.

Donations can be made through the You Caring website.