Youngstown shop provides dinner, gives turkeys as ‘thank you’

Conroy's held a customer-appreciation giveaway; Also, the Youngstown RedZone will hold a free Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 19

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Thanksgiving came early on the southside of Youngstown.

Conroy’s Party Shop, for the second straight year, hosted a Thanksgiving-themed celebration on Sunday to thank their customers for their support.

“The owner just wanted to show customer appreciation — just to show that he appreciates his customers,” said Victoria Allen, event organizer. “It is because of the customers that he is allowed to put this on.”

That “thank you” came in the form of free haircuts, thanksgiving dinners and a massive turkey giveaway.

“We purchased them from Walmart,” Allen said. “We had 150 and we’re giving them away. No strings attached. We’re asking that it’s one per family.”

Conroy’s customers said they are impressed and grateful.

conroys_1_000001“Its fantastic,” community member Annette Alexander said. “I’m glad he contributed to the neighborhood and gave back to everybody who contributes to his store.”

Over on the northside of Youngstown, a similar event is in the works.

The Youngstown RedZone is hosting a free community Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 19. And their event, just like Conroy’s, is all about giving back.

“WFocus this event totally on the community, said Brandon Perry, co-owner of the RedZone. “They provided the donations we need to make this event possible.”

Perry said that it’s important to have a business that invests in the community.

“If you need help, you can just knock on the door or ring the doorbell,” he said. “We will answer and provide you what you need. We’re not just going to take from you and not provide you something back. That’s our thing — we’re trying to give something in return.”

And that in the spirit of thanksgiving, there is nothing more important than coming together.

“To come together is just so powerful,” Perry said. “It’s very important that we show unity — no matter your race, gender or any of that. We just want to show everyone that we can get together and make something happen.”

The RedZone is still accepting any and all food donations for their Thanksgiving Dinner. For more information, call 330-787-8248.