Nugget of Knowledge: Cleveland championship gear

World Vision deports losing gear, but not this year

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Major League Baseball is moving away from the long-time practice of donating merchandise to other countries. The clothing would say, ‘Cleveland Indians 2016 World Series Champions.’

This stuff usually went overseas — to Thailand, Korea, Indonesia or Romania — as long as it stayed there.

Major League Baseball had been working with World Vision, a charity that donates gear to needy countries.

But the league got nervous and said it didn’t want “Indians Win World Series” gear getting out at all or onto some eBay auction.

Indians championship gear was shipped to retailers in Cleveland with the instruction that the boxes should only be opened if the Indians won.

When they lost, the retailers had to ship the boxes back to the licensee or to Major League Baseball.

World Vision said this stuff had never leaked onto the market, but it’s too late.

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