Father who posted viral Facebook video still making national news

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The father that posted a Facebook video of his son’s reaction to learning his mother died of an overdose is still getting national attention.

On Monday, Brenden Clark will be on “The Doctors” to talk about the video he posted, hoping to create awareness for the heroin epidemic and encourage those who are addicted to get help.

It’s been a month since he posted the video and since then, over 36 million people have watched it.

“We’re still just getting the gist of it,” said Denise Dezee, Clark’s mother. “You know, we had no idea this would happen.”

Clark says he gets messages from people in countries all over the world.

“It’s crazy, it’s overwhelming, but it’s a good feeling,” he said. “I’m still getting messages on Facebook, and people saying thank you and that that was really hard for them to watch.”

He says some of the messages are from people who showed the video to family members struggling with addiction. A couple of them even checked into detox for treatment as a result.

Clark and Dezee say they never expected it to reach so many people or touch so many lives, but they’re glad to know it did.

“Honestly, I hope…more people can see the reality of it and people just continue to want to get help,” Clark said.

As for Brenden’s son, he’s received a lot of support, too, thanks in part to a Facebook page set up from someone out-of-state called “Cards for Cameron.”

“Oh my gosh, we’ve had letters written, not just a few words, but letters. People praying for us and supporting us,” Dezee said.

Clark is now four months into recovery. He wants to become a drug and alcohol counselor one day, but says he wouldn’t change the experience he’s had since posting the video.

“I think our lives will be forever changed but we’re always gonna be regular, down-to-earth people like we’ve been,” Dezee said.

Clark thinks the attention he’s been getting will calm down.

“I think eventually it will blow over, you know? I mean, here and there somebody might say, ‘Oh hey, that’s the guy.'”