Nugget of Knowledge: Endangered phrases

Before wheels, we lugged luggage.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Kids today have no idea when you talk about some of these¬†“endangered phrases.”

Such as, “Hang up the phone.” Back in the day, all phones used to have two parts to them. Some still do; you place the receiver on the base to end the call.

“Dial a phone.” You had to stick your finger in a rotating dial.

“Ring up a purchase in a store. ” Cash registers used to have little bells in them. The price would pop up and a bell would ring.

“Roll up your window.” How quaint. Some cars had cranks in the doors to roll the windows up and down.

“Sounds like a broken record.” A scratched record might cause the needle to jump in the same groove over and over.

Luggage. Before bags had wheels, you had to lug them around.

“On line” for computers. “In the early days of computing, one machine could communicate with another only if they were physically connected with a cord or line.

Ever see “cc” on an email? That comes from carbon copy, a very old method of making copies with carbon paper in a typewriter.

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