Police: Warren road rage episode turns violent

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Police say one man was hit with a taser and another was stabbed during a reported road rage incident in Warren.

“We haven’t had anything to this extent,” said Warren Police Capt. Robert Massucci. “You get people yelling at each other, you know, a few choice words but short of that, you don’t usually get the actual assault and stabbing.”

Police say it all started when Ryan Datchuk tried passing Michael Kovalak on Pine Avenue in Niles. A witness says Kovalak tried blocking Datchuk from passing him.

“He literally followed him…I would say tailgating him, the entire time until he got into Warren and that’s when he leap frogged him, slammed on his brakes and confronted him,” Massucci said.

The violent encounter happened right by the entrance to NEOCAP (Northeast Ohio Community Alternative Program).

In a 911 call, Datchuk said, “I just got into an altercation with a guy with road rage, and he tased me and as he tased me, I pulled my knife out and I stabbed him a bunch of times.”

A day later, there was still quite a bit of blood on the ground.

“We know a knife was involved, a possible flashlight, possible flashlight-taser was involved,” Massucci said.

“I mean, I’ve seen road rage before but like, if that would have been me, I’d…just let it go,” a witness who called 911 said. “But no, they had to continue to chase him down, which was kind of ridiculous.”

Kovalak remains in the hospital in critical, but stable, condition.

Police are still investigating what exactly happened, but say it’s likely that someone will be charged.