Dog who’s been living in kennel over a year needs family

When Bella arrived at Animal Charity, she didn't have any fur, was blind and had a number of infection

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Animal Charity Humane Society in Canfield is looking for a home for one of its dogs that has been without a family for about a year and a half.

Animal Charity has housed over 300 dogs this year. Most get adopted quickly, but not Bella. The dog was found in May 2015 after being abused by her owner.

When Bella arrived at Animal Charity, she didn’t have any fur, was blind and had a number of infections, including a severe skin infection.

“They found her, actually, in the house laying on the couch with her own skin kind of piled around her,” said Animal Charity Board President Mary Louk.

She’s come a long way since then. Eye surgery was able to restore her vision, but she still needs daily eye drops.

Bella has recovered from most of her physical ailments, but her caregivers say she still needs a permanent family because she’s been living in a kennel for too long.

“Anytime we get over a year, we really start to get concerned. A kennel environment is not good for any dog,” Louk said.

The 11-year-old German Shepherd mix likes to go for walks, but doesn’t get along so well with other pets. She likes to play and enjoys being petted.

“We would even be willing if someone would foster her, we would keep her as one of our dogs, and continue to pay for her medication and medical care. We just don’t want her in the kennel any longer, it’s not fair to her,” Louk said.

Anyone who wants to meet Bella can come to the kennel. She might be anxiously awaiting at the fence or relaxing in her bed.

“If you come out to the kennel to visit her, you need to kind of go a little slow with her because of her health issues, but she really is a great dog,” Louk said. “Senior dogs, they come in and they just want to sit on your couch and love you. They are more subtle and calmer, they really are great.”

Bella is the second longest resident at the shelter. Her caretakers are hoping she finds a home soon because the kennel is causing her extra stress.

To find out more about adopting Bella or another shelter dog, visit Animal Charity’s website.