T’was the first night of Christmas in Columbiana

Columbiana was getting in the holiday spirit Friday night with its 15th annual Christmas Parade

The 15th annual Christmas Parade in Columbiana.

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – T’was the first night of Christmas and all through this Village, the lights and the people make for one festive image.

“It’s a tradition here in Columbiana for us to be the first ones to kick off the holiday season, so we’re always the weekend before Thanksgiving,” said April Brinker, with the Columbiana Chamber of Commerce.

But this autumn evening was far from the norm. Even some were in t-shirts, t’was really quite warm.

The popcorn was scooped from its hopper with care, then they looked to the tree to add some light to the Square.

The carolers gathered for a grand serenade, and then came the 15th annual parade.

On tractors, on pickups, on mascots, oh boy! And the marching bands adding their musical joy.

Check out this tree made of mufflers, hey wow! And big trucks with only the pavement to plow.

With gingerbread houses, it’s hard to remember that we’re still only in the month of November.

So from Columbiana, this is James Santelli saying Merry Christmas to all, just one week ’til Thanksgiving.