Nugget of Knowledge: Space science facts

The International Space Station has been manned since 2000

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – To get to the nearest star at a tenth of the speed of light would take 42 years.

NASA scientists working on Mars rovers work to a Mars day, not an Earth day — 24 hours and 40 minutes.

In the average 40 minutes it takes the commuters of the world to get to work, the International Space Station has traveled from Europe to Australia.

Man has probed 12 billion miles from Earth but less than seven miles into it.

Astronauts aboard the ISS change their underpants every four days.

When a potential meteorite turns out to be just a rock, geologists call it a ‘meteowrong’.

The wake-up call on the Mir Space Station made the same sound as the emergency alarm.

Neptune was discovered within an hour of astronomers starting to look for it.

Since the first crew left for the ISS on 31 October 2000, there has always been somebody up there. We can say the entire human race has not been on the Earth.

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