Winter could impact construction of new Mahoning Co. dog pound

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Mahoning County dog warden says winter weather could have an impact on construction of the new pound.

Dianne Fry expects the pound to be completed by next summer, which was when they had originally anticipated, but it’s possible it could be finished slightly before or after then.

“Hopefully if we have a nicer winter, maybe it will be late spring or early summer,” she said. “Maybe…early fall, but they estimate next June or July.”

The new facility will be located at 1230 North Meridian Rd. in Youngstown.

It will be broken into different areas where sick dogs can be sectioned off. The pound will also have a drain in every run, a new air quality system and an indoor exercise facility.

Until the new facility is in use, the pound is still looking for volunteers to help at its current location on Industrial Road.

To learn more about adoption or to contact the office, visit the Mahoning County dog warden’s website.