TCTC launches new graduation game plan

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Trumbull County Career and Technical Center launched a new campaign this week for their high school students.

“What’s Your E?” is a program designed to encompass the “three Es” following graduation – enrolled, enlisted, or employed. The program is geared to help students and the school plan together for life after graduation, whether that is continuing education, getting a job or enlisting in the military.

The point is to have a plan and follow through. Career Development Coordinator Cara DeToro said administrators and educators at TCTC are committed to assist students in their journey following graduation and have set up support systems to make sure they succeed.

“If we can do as much as we possibly can to help them prepare for one of those steps after graduation, that is something we should work towards and getting them to say this is what I want to do and getting them to work towards it, then their success rate is going to much higher,” DeToro said.

While TCTC is a career and technical center, is doesn’t just prepare students to be career-ready, teachers and administrators also get students ready for college and the “What’s Your E?” program is one way to help promote that aspect of the curriculum and programs. The school offers challenging honors classes and graduates students with high standardized and college-readiness test scores.

At their first open house Tuesday, TCTC had representatives from traditional four-year colleges, technical schools, and military representatives to talk to students about choices following high school.

Students are already responding to the program and planning for life after graduation. Amanda Quarles said it helped her make the decision to join the military.

“It helped me because I didn’t actually know what I wanted to do until I came here and then it was like boom, it’s right here,” Quarles said.

TCTC also offers CCP or dual credit courses which allow a student to earn college credit while attending high school. A meeting is scheduled Dec. 5 for anyone interested in the program .