Animal Charity broadcasts a day in the life of a shelter dog

Animal Charity live-streamed dogs at a kennel so people could see what it's like for animals to not have a home for the holidays

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Although the holiday season means spending time with family for most people, some animals don’t even have a family to spend their time with.

These animals may have been abandoned or are stuck in a kennel or shelter.

Animal Charity in Boardman is trying to give some animals a forever home.

A live stream was shown all day on Thanksgiving on the Animal Charity of Ohio’s Facebook and YouTube pages, showing what it’s like for dogs to spend a day at the shelter. The hope was to raise awareness to get more volunteers, donations and adoptions.

“You know, there’s always something you can do. If we could get help from the community as a whole then we could do a whole lot more for a lot of animals,” said Animal Charity Board President Mary Louk.

Animal Charity has taken in 312 dogs this year, double compared to last year.