Bear watch: Black bear spotted in East Liverpool

It was first seen outside the Heights Manor Apartments Saturday night rummaging through the trash

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – Residents in Heights Manor Apartments in East Liverpool have been on high alert ever since a black bear was spotted rummaging through the trash Saturday night.

Trudi Higgins was getting ready to leave the Heights Manor apartment complex when she saw it.

“This is the first time I actually saw him!” Higgins said Sunday. “He was just getting in the garbage bin and then he just moved real slow and over the guardrail and he was gone!”

Matthew Saling was right there with her.
“By the time weIt was first seen in the Heights Manor Apartments Saturday night rummaging through the trash saw him, he was going over the guardrail,” Saling said. “But it’s a big black bear!”

The bear even left a trail of goodies — leading over a guardrail and into the woods.

According to Brian Allen, the city’s safety director, the bear has been quite the spectacle for people living in the area since he made his first appearance.

“Police responded, broke the crowd up, scared the bear off,” Allen said.  “About 30 minutes later, I drove through the same parking lot and found another crowd with the same bear, feeding him again.”

Several pictures and video were posted to Facebook, which has prompted officials to issue a reminder to the public.

“This is a very dangerous situation,” Allen said. “When you have a bear of that size, normally it would never hurt a human being. But if it gets scared, you never know what it could do.”

Police in East Liverpool want to remind you, if you do happen to see the black bear, don’t feed it and just let it be on his way.