Layoffs pending for Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Trumbull County Sheriff Tom Altiere wants commissioners to speed up the budget process so that potential layoffs could be decided earlier in the year, but now, there could be another delay.

WKBN learned that after we, along with other news agencies, weren’t informed of the budget hearings last week. Due to a possible violation of open meeting laws, Trumbull County Commissioners will be holding the meetings all over again, starting Thursday.

In total, county budget requests for 2017 are up about $10 million from last year. Almost $4 million of that increase comes from the Sheriff’s Office and Trumbull County Jail — money that Auditor Adrian Biviano says the county does not have.

Itemized budget for Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office 

“Realistically, the county, this county cannot fund anywhere close to this type of budget number,” Biviano said.

“The money that’s available is only gonna be basically proportionally the same to each departments as the previous year’s budget, and there’s definitely not going to be the huge increase that some of those departments requested.”

Altiere says the later they find out about their operating budget, the more people they’ll have to layoff, and those layoffs will likely come from the deputies on the road.

“We’re running on a really tight budget,” he said.

Trumbull County Commissioner Frank Fuda said commissioners are looking at increasing the sales tax or cutting expenses.

Audio from last week’s Trumbull County budget meeting: