Wildlife officials beg East Liverpool residents to leave bear alone

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – With a bear that has been hanging around the Heights Manor apartment complex in East Liverpool, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is pleading for residents to leave it alone.

The 400-pound black bear started causing quite a buzz over the weekend when he made his first appearance on North Shady Lane Drive.

In order to get the bear to leave the area, wildlife officials say it needs to be left alone and the trash bins need to be removed.

The Ohio Division of Wildlife does not relocate bears just because one is present in an area. It depends on the public to help keep the animals on their way.

“Especially things like feeding the bear to get pictures of it is just a terrible idea,” said Jamie Emmert, ODNR spokesperson. “We want to keep this bear wild, we want to keep it moving out of the area. It doesn’t belong where there are a lot of people, so removing those attractants is absolutely best at this point.”

Bears live in Ohio year-round. Wildlife officials say they will continue to come back to a location if food sources are available to them.