Youngstown Rotary helps fund repairs to Wick Park pavilion

The City of Youngstown will spend $100,000 on the project and the Rotary will be covering another quarter million

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The popular pavilion at the center of Wick Park in Youngstown is going to get a complete makeover thanks to the generosity of the local Rotary.

Members of the Youngstown Board of Control approved an agreement Thursday morning between the city leaders of Youngstown CityScape and the Rotary Foundation to pay for repairs and remodeling of the pavilion.

Although several hundred dollars have been spent in recent years repairing and replacing other equipment in the park, the pavilion is the busiest facility in the Parks Department.

“The pavilion has not really seen any major repairs…for 35 years. Youngstown Rotary, in their centennial year, decided they wanted to step up and do a large project,” said Sharon Letson, with Youngstown CityScape.

While the city will spend $100,000 on the project, the Rotary will be covering another quarter million to pay for the renovation.

Work could begin on the pavilion’s roof in January.