YSU President Tressel visits local high schools, stresses work ethic

HOWLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – High school students from Austintown, Howland and Hubbard all got some important advice from a man who is admired around the Valley for his success.

Youngstown State University President Jim Tressel shared some life lessons that many can learn from during his visit to local high schools on Monday. The goal is to inspire the students to be successful and productive as they become adults.

“The things we talk about are not any different than what their teachers talk to them about every day, their parents talk to them about, but sometimes, it’s good to have a reinforcement of those things,” he said.

Tressel said he wants local students to succeed, whether they’re at a high point or a low point.

“We have to dream, but we have to work. It’s going to be difficult,” he said.

It’s a message Howland senior Michael Massucci took to heart.

“I think everyone knows how much success he’s had in the past, especially with coaching and becoming the president of YSU, everyone looks up to him, and they want to be successful,” he said. “Most kids in high school don’t really know what they’re doing their lives yet, so they look up to someone like that, for tips and things like that.”

Senior Leah Pollifrone agrees. She said she hopes other students walk away more confident after hearing Tressel speak.

“What really got to me was the believing in yourself, because a lot of kids nowadays, they don’t have the confidence and the belief in themselves to do things,” she said.

Howland High School Principal Sandra Williams said these days, an education is about more than just book smarts.

“Outside of the content, our kids need to be prepared when they leave here in multiple areas,” she said. “We’re just trying to make sure they have everything they need to prepare them for life.”

Being prepared is number one on Tressel’s list.

“Everyone’s interested in success and so we like to talk about what success is and how does that journey of success happen and just talk about a little bit of things maybe they should be thinking about,” he said.



Tressel says students should have a dream, but they should also have a plan to get there.