Two dozen cats found abandoned in ‘deplorable’ Columbiana home

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – An animal rights activist is working to remove 24 abandoned cats from a Columbiana home.

The Columbiana City manager called Jason Cooke Monday night, saying they found the two dozen cats at 14 S. Middle St.

Cooke went to the home, which he says has been abandoned for a month, on Tuesday morning.

He walked in to find the cats walking in feces, and said the smell of ammonia was overpowering.

Cooke wondered how the cats were able to survive in the “deplorable conditions,” saying they were without adequate food for at least the past month.

“Essentially locked inside this house with ammonia levels, and feces and garbage.”

He was able to remove eight cats on Tuesday and plans on removing 16 more Wednesday and Friday.

The cats are scared and have a bad temperament right now. Cooke said some of them might be feral and others might be domestic.

Before taking the eight rescued cats to the veterinarian on Wednesday, he’s letting them decompress. If they’re well enough, he will have them spayed or neutered.

While the city has a dog pound, there is no place for cats and other pets. Cooke says that out of these cats, the domestic ones will go to shelters or homes while the feral cats will go to local farms.

Even though Columbiana has a humane society, Cooke says there are no humane agents to investigate animal cases involving cats and other pets.