Struthers Council discusses potential parking ban at public forum

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WYTV) – Struthers City Council met with community members Wednesday night to discuss a potential parking ban in the city.

Council is considering the citywide ban, saying most streets are very narrow and it’s difficult for traffic to squeeze by with other cars on the roads.

About 70 people filled Struthers City Council chambers to listen to the proposal and share their opinions.

Firefighters complained that they have trouble maneuvering down roads to get to fires with cars parked on both sides of the street. Other residents, like Shirley Day, expressed the same concern.

“My concern is in the case of an emergency, fires do happen, that any vehicle would have a difficult time getting down the street,” she said.

Some said the citywide ban would cause a hardship, especially if the family has multiple cars and a short driveway.

“If we have a citywide ban, I would be forced to sell my house because I couldn’t live there knowing that I would be isolated,” Connie Schaffer said.

Two weeks ago, residents were outraged when “no parking” signs went up on W. Wilson Street, between 5th and 8th streets.

“Before you complain, communicate,” Councilman Joseph Rudzik said. “I’m sure if you come to the city…and say, ‘Listen, I have all these registered vehicles. I do not have room,’ then I’m sure it absolutely won’t be a problem for us to say, ‘Okay, let’s give you this tag. You can park in front of your street or home,’ and we keep it moving.”

The city would consider allowing some residents with limited parking to buy a pass for the year, and would make exceptions for people throwing parties.

Many who spoke already have problems with neighbors parking on the street, but feel that banning parking on just one side of the road would be the best solution.

One woman had concerns about enforcement of the parking ban.

“We are having problems with speeding, we are having a problem controlling the parking already. Are we gonna hire more police officers, or what?”

Council is still taking the possible ban into consideration, and didn’t vote on anything at Wednesday’s meeting.