Nugget of Knowledge: Overpaid actors

"Forbes" compiled a list of the most overpaid actors

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Actors are paid huge sums of money to appear on the big screen. Some have a better return on the investment for the movie studios.

The most overpaid actors in Hollywood, according to a report from “Forbes” magazine:

10.) Bradley Cooper: returns $12.10 for each dollar paid

9.) Julia Roberts: $10.80 for $1

8.) Leonardo DiCaprio: $9.90 for $1

7.) Mark Walhberg: $9.20 for $1

6.) Adam Sandler: $7.60 for $1

5.) George Clooney: $6.70 for $1

4.) Will Ferrell: $6.50 for $1

3.) Channing Tatum: $6 for $1

2.) Will Smith: $5 for $1

1.) Johnny Depp: $2.80 for $1

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